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homeopathic practitioner

Paige is a certified Homeopath trained in Classical Homeopathy from the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine, with a deep passion for natural health support. She firmly believes that the body is capable of healing itself when given the right support. Paige is dedicated to providing health care tailored specifically to the individual, aiming to bridge the gaps left by reductive approaches and discrimination in the conventional allopathic medical system.

Her areas of special interest include reproductive health for all genders, young families, natural birth control, body autonomy, sexual well-being, and perinatal care. Paige is also a strong advocate for health empowerment, ensuring that individuals feel supported and empowered on their healing journey.

In addition to her homeopathic expertise, Paige incorporates her background in teaching yoga into her practice, offering mindfulness and yoga techniques to complement her homeopathic treatments. She also provides comprehensive lifestyle and dietary guidance, with a particular emphasis on plant-based nutrition, to ensure a well-rounded approach to patient care.

Paige holds a degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology with a minor in Religious Studies, as well as a degree in International Relations. Her diverse educational background enriches her holistic approach to health and healing.

When she’s not working with patients, teaching yoga classes, or engaging in her own healing practices, Paige enjoys spending time in the sunshine with her cats and husband, reading, crocheting, sewing, gardening, fermenting, baking, and indulging in various creative pursuits.

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