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East Van Integrated Health offers a variety of laboratory testing to get to the root cause of your symptoms and chronic conditions.

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Depending on the test required and convenience, your Naturopathic Doctor may provide you a requisition form to take to an offsite LifeLabs facility for blood testing. We conveniently have a LifeLabs facility one floor down from our clinic.


Some tests, such as the Food Sensitivity Test and GI Map, require a sample collection in-house or to take home which is then processed and shipped out for analysis by one of our trusted diagnostic companies. We then set up a follow up appointment to review the results with you.


We are happy to work collaboratively with your GP and other health practitioners to provide comprehensive and continued care.

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Some tests we provide are:

  • Food sensitivity via finger prick test

  • Adrenal function and stress hormones (urine or saliva)

  • Digestive testing (stool sample)

  • Candida Testing

  • Female Hormone Testing 

  • GI Map Testing

  • SIBO Testing (breath test)

  • LifeLab testing for Iron, B12, Vitamin D, and more.

  • Additional testing: Connect with us for more information and details.

Laboratory testing

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