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Reopening June 1st with new safety protocol

We're very excited to announce our Re-Opening for June 1st, 2020. Following Dr. Henry's Phase 2 announcement our governing associations have been working tirelessly with the BC Public Health Office and WorkSafe BC to develop and approve appropriate guidelines and a safe plan for us to return back to the clinic.

As expected things will look and feel a little different around the clinic and in preparation for your session. Our Team has been working very hard to ensure that we have sourced CDC approved supplies/materials and planned effectively for your safe return to your treatments.  

The following information breakdown will summarize what has changed around the clinic and prepare you for your next session.


Physical Distancing  

Staggered appointments to reduce clinic traffic and encourage physical distancing of 2 meters. 

If you arrive before the time of your appointment, please wait outside or in your car until your appointment time, as there is limited use of the waiting area. Please arrive unaccompanied, unless you are accompanying a minor.

Hand Washing 

Practitioners will wash their hands upon treatment room entry and departure with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer is available for patients in the waiting area and should be used upon arrival and prior to entering the treatment room.

Mask Wearing & PPE

Patients MUST bring and wear their own cloth or paper/disposable (surgical) mask. We have a very limited amount of surgical masks that we can offer to patients who forgot their mask.

Practitioners will also be wearing a mask and/ or face shield during your session. 

Strict Cleaning Policy

Frequently cleaned & disinfected common areas and high touch surfaces with approved grade disinfectant. 

The treatment room and beds will be thoroughly cleaned & disinfected between each patient. Linens will be changed with each patient.

Preparing for Your Session

  • Please use the washroom prior to leaving your home

  • Electronic forms of payment is encouraged

  • Please arrange for e-transfers prior to or at the time of your appointment or credit card payments


Pre-screening will be done by you and your Practitioner prior to your appointment and again at the time of your appointment. Check your email to fill out the mandatory Covid19 screening form sent to you by Jane App.

If you have any cold-like symptoms and/or do not meet the screening criteria, you will be asked to kindly reschedule your appointment. 

BC Covid Self Assessment tool

If you are high risk or for whatever reason do not feel comfortable attending the clinic, our Practitioners will continue to offer virtual TeleHealth sessions and can be booked directly through our online booking system.

 A virtual appointment is a one on one online session between you and your practitioner from the comfort of your own home.  You can expect the same level of expert care as you would in a traditional in-person session. We are offering appointments for Naturopathy, Registered Clinical Counselling, and Kinesiology at this time. Below are some important details about this new service.


Virtual Appointments

Virtual appointments allow you and your practitioner to connect virtually via video conferencing to receive counselling, naturopathic support, and kinesiology when a traditional in-person visit is not possible. The current clinic closure due to social distancing is one example of this, but often there are times when a client just cannot logistically get to the clinic.  This is where the option of having virtual appointments shine.

What type of care will be provided?


Naturopathic Doctor

  • Digestion, gut microbiome, and intestinal support

  • Supporting a healthy immune system

  • Mood and energy support

  • Supplementation and dietary education


  • Injury care and prevention

  • Exercise instruction and education

  • Jain management

  • Joint mobility

  • Monitoring progress with a treatment program

Clinical Counselling

  • Managing anxiety, depression, and PTSD symptoms

  • ICBC covered counselling services

  • Stress management

  • Personal exploration and reflection

  • Grief and loss support

  • Mindfulness and meditation instruction


What are the limits of virtual appointments?

At this time we are temporarily not offering in person visits. This means we cannot offer massage, injections or IV medicine, acupuncture, Bowen Therapy, and certain types of testing or assessment that require hands-on support.

Will personal information be private and secure?

  • The Telehealth system ( is a secure infrastructure where all data is encrypted

  • Nothing is ever recorded or stored

  • The practitioner will be conducting the visit in a private location in their home or clinic

What do I need to receive virtual support and how do I book in?

  • Computer, phone, or laptop with a camera and microphone 

  • Internet connection or data

  • You can use chrome or Firefox as your browser

  • You can book online and select "Virtual Session - Phone" or "Virtual Session - Online", or email us at

We will be regularly checking emails at Please check our Instagram page and Facebook page for more updates.


Supplement Refill
If you are in need of a supplement refill, we are more than happy to accommodate a pick up or deliver to your home. Please contact us to arrange a time if pick up is preferred or if the refill is urgent.


Where to find up to date information

As an organization we also value good quality education and information.  Our team is learning everything we can about COVID 19, about the public response, and about community resources. We have answers to your questions. 


These are some great sources of current information:


The province of BC has created a phone service to provide non-medical information about COVID-19, including the latest information on travel recommendations and social distancing. This information is available in more than 110 languages, 7:30am-8pm PST at 1-888-COVID19 (1-888-268-4319) or via text message at 604-630-0300


For more information:

Antibody Testing & Healthcare Disparities

An interview with Heather Zwickey, PhD. This update features information about recovery from Covid-19, antibody testing, how long the virus lives on surfaces, healthcare disparity that increases risk of death, and new information about air pollution and Covid-19.


How Covid-19 Affects Sense of Smell and Taste, and What to Know About Airborne Spread
An interview with Tina Kaczor, ND, FABNO. This podcast addresses new information regarding the loss of smell and taste as symptoms, as well as airborne spread of the virus.


What can I do to stay engaged?

Find activities to do at home or in nature with you and your family:

  • Puzzles, home movies, walks

  • Virtual dinner parties and playdates through FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, Skype, or Zoom.

  • Online video games, board games, quizzes, logic puzzle books

  • Globe and Mail Online Daily Crossword Puzzles

  • Move your body:

    • Free Yoga classes online (Youtube)

    • Follow local fitness studios on instagram for free live workouts

  • Ground yourself in the moment

    • Guided meditations (Calm or HeadSpace apps are great!)

    • Stop, Breath, & Think: Guided meditation for adults and children

    • One to one sessions with our Registered Clinical Counsellor

  • Virtual sound healing with Klarity Wellness

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