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DR. Novia Liu, DTCM, ND
(on maternity leave)

Dr Novia Liu (Wan-Yi Liu) is passionate about helping people and has always dreamed for a career that could bring more happiness to others.


While completing her bachelor of Life Sciences degree at Queen’s University, Novia explored the idea of becoming a counsellor or medical doctor. However, after volunteering at a local hospital and spending more time with different patients, Novia realized that truly optimal health can only be achieved by balancing both the body and mind.


She also realized that, for a health care practitioner to help a patient achieve optimal health, they must be able to spend quality time with their patients, to

find the root cause of their symptoms, and to individualize treatments for every

patient according to his/her needs. After researching and familiarizing herself with the current healthcare system in Canada, Novia decided to pursue Naturopathic Medicine, as the best way to help more people.


Novia was particularly drawn to Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbal medicine and homeopathic medicine. After training in Naturopathic Medicine and receiving her Naturopathic Doctor designation, Dr Novia decided to advance her knowledge in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the PCU College of Holistic Medicine. She successfully completed the Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine program.


In the meantime she acted as the scientific liason with Canada RNA Biochemical Inc., which gave her the opportunity to travel and attend medical conferences across North America and stay up-to-date with current medical news and research.


Dr Novia looks forward to meeting you, hearing your story, sharing your life journey, and utilizing her knowledge and experiences to support you in achieving your health goals.

What is TCM?
(Traditional Chinese Medicine)

TCM is a style of traditional medicine built
on a foundation of more than 2,500 years
of Chinese medical practice that includes
various forms of herbal medicine, 
acupuncture, massage, exercise (qigong),
and dietary therapy. 

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