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Pelvic Congestion and Maya Abdominal Massage

Maya abdominal massage is a gentle, strategic massage over the abdomen, pelvis, low back and sacrum to improve blood and lymph circulation, and nerve impulses in the reproductive and digestive systems. The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy come from an ancient lineage of midwives and healers in Belize, and are used to eliminate congestion in the pelvis and abdomen and support proper uterine position. This helps to relieve a myriad of conditions including painful or irregular periods, PMS and constipation, as well as improve egg quality for fertility.

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What is Pelvic congestion?

Pelvic congestion refers to impeded blood and lymph flow, which in turn affects nerve firing. Oftentimes the uterus is out of alignment as well, either tipped forwards, backwards or leaning to one side, further affecting circulation and nerve impulses. A uterus that is not in proper position can result in decreased blood flow to it, affecting hormones and causing a decrease in function that can lead to a variety of female health complaints. There are many factors that play a role in causing pelvic congestion including running on cement surfaces, chronic constipation, tight low back and sacral muscles and sitting for extensive periods of time.

Blood Flow

The pelvis is more susceptible to congestion because it has a complex network of interconnected veins. Pelvic veins have fewer valves than veins elsewhere, allowing blood to flow in either direction instead of moving only in one direction. Pelvic veins are more likely to dilate within the pelvic organs, leading to stasis. Venous congestion can lead to a larger uterus, pelvic pain, heaviness and a thicker endometrium. Varicose veins of the ovaries lead to menstrual cycle issues, because the ovaries are not able to get sufficient blood supply to make estrogen and progesterone appropriately. Pelvic congestion can lead to varicosities within the uterine ligaments, fallopian tubes, and veins of the prostate and scrotum in men.

Lymph Flow

There are lymph nodes are on both sides of the groin, as well as within the pelvis. One of the jobs of lymph is to cleanse individual cells where capillaries, the smallest blood vessels, are not able to absorb larger molecules of waste. Compression from organs, muscle contractions and even tight clothing can constrict the groin and abdominal area, restricting flow of lymph and blood. When blood and lymph flow are restricted, tissues collect toxic waste and become acidic. In uterine tissues, this can cause cramping, muscle spasms and painful periods.

Nerve Connections

Nerve connections can become restricted by obstruction from other organs, muscle spasms, or scar tissue over the nerve root. This weakens or disrupts the normal activity of these connections. Acid and carbon dioxide accumulation due to blood or lymph stagnation irritates the nerves interfering with normal nerve firing, which results in decreased function.

The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy (ATMAT) work to restore proper circulation, flooding organs with oxygenated blood and nutrients and removing built up toxins and waste. This helps to relieve pelvic pain complaints and improves organ function. ATMAT also eases muscle tension and relaxes tight connective tissue that plays a role in displacing the uterus.

Talk to us to see if maya abdominal massage is right for you!

Written by: Faaria Karim (USA ND, BC license pending)

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